Welcome to a peaceful space dedicated to helping you renew & restore an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Our lifestyles can become demanding and this excessive physical, mental and emotional stress takes its toll on the way we feel, and our ability to enjoy life.  Renew Yourself provides outstanding Massage, Osteopathy, Facials, Natural Therapies and Beauty Treatments to help you get on track to sustain a happier and healthier you.

Co-Founder Melanie Whillance combines her Naturopathy, Massage & Beauty Therapy expertise with her passion for Non-Toxic, Australian and Organic Skincare to craft her very own bespoke Massage treatments, Pedicures, Facials & Skin prescriptions . 

Co-owner and Osteopath Dr Peter Bouris uses hands-on techniques to improve the body. His unique approach has proven to be effective in relieving headaches, back and neck pain, aiding successful rehabilitation from surgery or sporting injuries, and improving quality of life in people with illness. Dr Bouris is actively involved in improving employees’ health and productivity within the workplace, as well as treating patients of all ages – from children to retirees. Please contact us if you would like to chat about any of our products and services designed to help enhance your beauty, wellbeing and vitality. We look forward to meeting you soon.